Future challenges are already on our mind today

Coachworks continue to show more finesse and also represent highly complex and integrated constructions. Today, automotive components and bodyshell work are crucial to the overall success of the car. For current and future car generations, we are aware of the requirements regarding safety, aesthetics, reduction of weight, functionality, and cost minimizing. These different types of tasks that need to be accomplished are what we are specialized in with our car exterior team. From the development of simple modules to the construction of demanding systems – we cover everything.

Our innovation does not know any limits, as our latest projects show, which challenge, innovate, and expand our service spectrum.

Among our tasks are the following:

  • Coordination of joining Technology
  • Construction of door functions
  • Compilation of 3D concept data
  • Conclusive detail construction for all important phases
  • Implementation and documentation of weight minimization
  • Creation and coordination of design sketches
  • Package and designed space studies
  • Design validation regarding technical functionality
  • Drafting production and maintenance until the end of the project
  • Research of the joining technology
  • Optimization of producibility
  • Conceptualization for mixed material productions (for example steel, aluminum, synthetics)
  • Validation of serial production processes
  • Interface management between producers and system suppliers
  • Design and development of components and modules
  • Assembly support, further support with trial vehicles
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