For years, the Logtech GmbH has been cooperating with numerous notable companies as partners in development and sales. Among the clients we serve with our partners are several German car manufacturers and their subcontractors. Many renowned businesses from the automobile industry from all of Europe rely on the innovations of the Logtech GmbH.

The Logtech GmbH strategically establishes partnership with the leading companies in the technology and production sectors. The company has already built a broad network of subcontractors. Apart from very flexible production capacities, the corporate network can carry out any production-related task with maximized time and cost efficiency. This also applies to CAD development. Short-term orders are carried out efficiently; increased capacity demands can be met. The clients’ benefits are clear: Highest quality at extremely competitive conditions.

Quality is the basis for the success of the Logtech GmbH. Many quality ensuring measures are implemented to guarantee an adherence to the strict German criteria of the internal audits and norms of the external testing institutes. Our quality measures include the quick implementation of the latest technology, ensuring cooperation opportunities, a high standard in our own training, and most importantly the quality consciousness of our employees. All of our employees have been trained well and can rely on their long-standing experience.

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